We Send Them Safely Home to Their Families

As Cohen seems to be becoming an industry leader, we take pride in our longtime, excellent safety record. Since we began in 1982, except for a few cuts, stitches, and sprained ankles, we’ve never had a major accident. Since 2017 we’ve received three safety awards:

F.A.T.E. – From Addict To Entrepreneur with Phillip Cohen, by Thrive Global

In the latest F.A.T.E. profile, we spoke to Phil Cohen Founder and CEO of Cohen Architectural Woodworking. Phil has quite a story of addiction and manic depression. He grew up in Chicago, Miami, and Atlanta, left home and wandered the country. At the age of twenty-five, Phil’s father committed suicide. He then ended up in rural Tennessee, where he started … Read More

The Key to Better Business Culture: Establishing a Company Mission

A successful company starts with a strong office culture. But some businesses prioritize the wrong aspects of a successful business environment, or forget about it altogether. This idea has been subject to scrutiny from thousands of business experts. The root of the matter, however, often gets lost. From ping-pong tables in the office to Google’s bike meetings, it seems companies everywhere … Read More

Try empathy, Cohen Architectural Woodworking offers one solution to drug crisis

The impacts of drug abuse are widely known and much discussed these days in the United States. Many ideas have been put forward to curb the crisis, from locking up addicts to offering them various treatment programs. While the outside world has embroiled itself in the controversy, leadership at Cohen Architectural Woodworking has quietly pioneered an approach all their own. … Read More