Try empathy, Cohen Architectural Woodworking offers one solution to drug crisis

The impacts of drug abuse are widely known and much discussed these days in the United States. Many ideas have been put forward to curb the crisis, from locking up addicts to offering them various treatment programs. While the outside world has embroiled itself in the controversy, leadership at Cohen Architectural Woodworking has quietly pioneered an approach all their own. … Read More

Top 27 Company Culture Ideas from the Pros

Our programs at Cohen Architectural Woodworking go well beyond the typical offerings of simply on-the-job training. They include free courses on leadership, business, mentoring, financial planning, free consulting to raise credit scores, and a Cohen Cares Program. The latter involves tax-free donations from pay to a special fund for those in need where an employee committee decides where the contributions … Read More

Good Things Happening at Cohen Architectural Woodworking

Every once in a while, we notice a company that has good things happening. When that occurs, we like to tell you about them. This month the company that’s come to our attention is Cohen Architectural Woodworking. To start with, 2017 marks the company’s 35th anniversary.

Epidemic at work? Businesses forced to deal with drug abuse

After a troubled youth himself, Phillip Cohen made it a practice to hire people at his woodworking business who have also struggled with addiction and mental health issues. But when an employee died from a drug overdose, he adopted a zero-tolerance policy.