Top 27 Company Culture Ideas from the Pros, Cohen Woodworking

Top 27 Company Culture Ideas from the Pros

Phillip Cohen was included on this list as one of the business experts to weigh in. The original article can be found here.

Top 27 Company Culture Ideas from the Pros, Cohen Woodworking

Phillip Cohen, CEO & Founder, Cohen Architectural Woodworking

Offer programs that build cohesiveness.

Our programs at Cohen Architectural Woodworking go well beyond the typical offerings of simply on-the-job training. They include free courses on leadership, business, mentoring, financial planning, free consulting to raise credit scores, and a Cohen Cares Program. The latter involves tax-free donations from pay to a special fund for those in need where an employee committee decides where the contributions go.There is also an expense paid 2-day retreat focused on restoring hope by helping people resolve pain and issues from the past. Together, these programs indicate how much we care about our employees. We get to know them, and they get to know us well. At the end of the day it fosters a strong infrastructure and togetherness, and a culture that will serve you well no matter what type of challenges you face in the future.

Author: Anna Dizon